apostrophe fail

While in Ann Arbor this spring, we needed a quick lunch and happened to be right by Blaze Pizza. They promote their pizza as being “fast fire’d.” Unfortunately, that is not a typo, but a weirdly-placed, intentional apostrophe. This so offended my grammar sensibilities that I almost* couldn’t patronize the establishment.

The company explains on their Facebook page:

We decided to put the apostrophe in “fire’d” to accent the word “fire”, which is what our restaurants are all about. In order to break the rules, you have to know them, so we didn’t do it unknowingly or lightly — we did it with purpose.

In addition to that, we believe in living life outside the box, being yourself, and following your own path, and our careful decision to use the apostrophe with our own purpose reflects that.

For some reason, their explanation makes me dislike it even more. Blaze could have use color, a stylized font, or some other graphic technique for emphasis without committing this crime against grammar. Apostrophe fail.

*”Almost” because, after all, it’s still pizza and pizza = good.


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