sacré bleu

danish-blue-cheese-3553_640Sometimes a dose of mindless reality TV is just what you need after a hard day’s work. Project Runway. Master Chef. One of the million tiny house shows. And, of course, those featuring kids. Which is why I clicked on Chopped Junior last night for their very special chocolate episode.

One of the mystery basket ingredients for the entrée round was captioned as “blue cheese.” Imagine my outrage to think that an esteemed show like Chopped would spell “bleu cheese” incorrectly. Per usual, I referred to my most trusted resource (Google) to back me up.

And…fail. The internet has spoken and it is unanimous that “blue cheese” is correct and “bleu cheese” is the latecomer to the party by some 150 years. I stand corrected. Thanks to Grammarphobia, Serious Eats, and Patrick’s Place.


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