words, words, words (7)

Today’s words are “miasma” “sentient,” and “salubrious.” These have been hanging around as a draft for about three months now, so I decided I needed to either do something with them (write and publish) or liberate them (via the virtual trashcan). At first blush, they seem like a pretty random collection, and I can’t recall where I first spotted them. But there is something that they have in common: I doubt I’ll ever use any of them aloud in a sentence. Maybe, just maybe, “sentient.” And maybe this will be a new sub-theme to my words, words, words, posts—words that you see in print that are never spoken.

The definitions below are from good ol’ Merriam-Webster. Follow the link and click on the little sound icon next to the word to hear the pronunciation.

autumn-194834_640Miasma: This noun is refers to “a heavy cloud of something unpleasant or unhealthy.” Sounds like the setting of a murder mystery or crime drama, when something bad is about to happen.

Sentient: This adjective means to “able to feel, see, hear, smell, or taste.” Makes sense (pun intended) that this has to do with the senses.

SalubriousAnother adjective, this one defined as “making good health possible or likely.” For some reason, the meaning doesn’t seem to fit the look or sound of the word—why does it make me think of alcohol? Perhaps I’m making a connection to the toast, “salute.”


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