For the past 21 years, we’ve lived in the Wexford Village neighborhood. Next week that all changes when we move three miles away. We had been planning to do an empty nester move sometime down the road, like five years or so, but then happened to stumble on the condo of our dreams. High ceilings, lots of windows, open floor plan. Huge master bath with a soaking tub and double sinks. A walk-in master bedroom closet, a significant upgrade after sharing one standard-size closet since we’ve been married. A main floor office that will get me out of the basement workspace that has served me well throughout my 14-year freelance career. No lawn mowing, no snow shoveling. A separate floor for our baby girls who are now adults and need their own space.

With so much to look forward to, I’m trying hard not to think about what we’re leaving behind. Specifically, the neighborhood that has impacted our family in so many ways. Living in The ‘Ford led our girls to Glenn Stephens Elementary School, then Thomas Jefferson Middle School, and finally, James Madison Memorial High School. So many amazing teachers, so many amazing memories. It led to a two-decade membership at the High Point Swim Club, where the girls learned to swim and also where they got their first jobs. Stricker’s Pond. Wexford Park. The Alicia Ashman Library.

Finally, our neighbors, both on Andover Circle and elsewhere in Wexford. Good ol’ Merriam-Webster defines “neighbor” as “a person who lives next to or near another person.” has an expanded definition that includes “a person who shows kindliness or helpfulness toward his or her fellow humans.” These meanings are a start, but don’t go nearly far enough to describe the feeling of community, belonging, friendship, and yes, family, we’ve experienced here. 

While we may be physically moving out of The ‘Ford, we’ll be taking our neighbors with us. In our hearts, where they belong.


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