lasts and firsts

My younger daughter has roughly 100 days to go until her high school graduation. As the countdown continues, I’ve noticed that the number of “lasts” we are experiencing seems to be increasing exponentially.

imageToday is her final poms competition. Over the past four years, it has been a great joy watching her grow as a performer, leader, and representative of her school. She qualified both individually and as part of her team for honors that took her to Orlando twice and Hollywood once. She performed at the Kohl Center as a freshman during the boys’ basketball trip to the state tournament. She also learned more life lessons about teamwork, respect, communications, resilience, and hard work than many people do in a lifetime.

It doesn’t seem possible that five years has past since we went through the same transition with her sister. For her, it was finishing a soccer career that started in elementary school and continued through two years on the varsity team. She experienced the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat at the state tournament. Her final season ended with recognition for academic excellence at the all-city banquet.

I have made a commitment to enjoy each and every one of these “lasts” and not get bogged down in the natural sorrow that arises when good things come to an end. Instead, I’m keeping my heart and mind open to the possibilities that are the flip side of “lasts”- the “firsts” that are just around the corner.


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