newtons-cradle-256213_640I don’t recall seeing this term before, but in the last couple of minutes, I’ve seen it twice while looking up some things online. “IFTTT” stand for “If This Then That” and is pronounced like “gift” without the “g.”

I’m no techie, but the way I understand it is that IFTTT is an online chain reaction where something you do within an app or other internet channel generates some outcome. The entire formula is called a “recipe.” The initiating event is a “trigger” and the result is an “action.” For example, if you are tagged in a photo on Facebook (“this,” or the trigger), then Facebook send you an email (“that,” or the action).

In my continuing quest to achieve ultimate productivity with minimal work, I use a variety of cool apps,* including Wunderlist, Pocket, and Evernote. It seemed to me like there would be a way for them to be integrated. Turns out that Pocket and Evernote can play nicely together, Evernote and Wunderlist not yet, and I haven’t been able to find out if you can or why you would integrate Wunderlist and Pocket.

Sometimes I long for the day when everything was in my handy dandy Franklin Planner. But most of the time, like today, I love all these cool new tools and toys, and can’t wait to see what the next generation of techies comes up with.

Sigh. As I typed the previous sentence, I wondered how techies feel about being referred to as techies. Turns out that many view it as a less than favorable term. Several articles I found suggested the alternatives “hacker,” “coder,” or “maker.” Thoughts?

*For more, see my previous post, app crazy. And yes, I bought the HP 12C app as a happy new year present to myself.


One thought on “ifttt

  1. zmab15 says:

    How about “productive human”…geek might even be closer. There have always been people who like gadgets and things. Today they just happen to be software.

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