app crazy

downloadAnyone who’s taken a peek at my phone knows I like my apps. Lots of apps. Here are a few that I’ve been grooving on lately.

Dark Sky ($3.99): It’s not free, but it’s worth it. This weather app makes eerily-accurate predictions of when precipitation is supposed to start. It’s also got a cool spinning globe and other key weather stats like temperature and “feels like” temperature, sunrise/sunset, 24-hour forecast and the week ahead at a glance. The graphics are clean and appealing.

Instagram (free): I just started using this app when I took up the 100 Happy Days challenge. It’s fun building a timeline of photographic memories. Follow me at karenhodgkiss.

Easy Pomodoro Timer (free): I downloaded and was using this app long before I knew that there was actually a Pomodoro Technique. This is a great way to break down work into 25-minute blocks of time, thereby increasing focus and productivity. When the timer goes off, I’ve earned permission to stretch, get a cup of tea, or just step away from the computer and clear my head. Then it’s back to work, reenergized. This app is also particularly helpful when there is a household job to tackle that I’m not excited about (cleaning the basement, gardening, etc.) I’ve found that I can stand to do anything for about 25 minutes.

On my wish list is the HP 12C Financial Calculator ($14.99) This would be by far the most expensive app in my collection (probably more expensive than all of my other apps put together), so it’s hard to justify. Early on in my banking career (circa mid-1980s), I learned that the HP 12C was the ultimate calculator, especially for lenders. It was tricky operating at first with its Reverse Polish notation* method of operation, but since mastering it, no other calculator will do. I still have my original model, and have only replaced the battery maybe once or twice. The idea of having a trusty HP 12C at my fingertips on my phone is calling me. Would it be too weird to ask for this for Christmas? Thanks to DB for showing me yours and giving me app envy!

*An example: on a regular calculator, to add 1 plus 2, you key in 1 + 2 =. On the HP 12C, you key in 1 enter 2 +.


2 thoughts on “app crazy

  1. Mary Schmelzer says:

    Karen — I’m going to try the timer, what a good idea to keep focused. Not weird at all to ask for the calculator app for Christmas!

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