boomerang“Boomerang” makes me think of Australia, just like “kangaroo,” “barbie,” and “g’day mate.” Recently I gained a whole new appreciation for the word, thanks to the Boomerang for Gmail app (they also make a version for Outlook). I’ve always been a little fanatical about organizing my email, and this app helps me take it to a whole new level.

The folks at Asian Efficiency (masters of productivity and organization) espouse a theory of inbox zero. The premise is that your inbox is just a temporary home for messages. Each time you access your email program, the goal is to clear out all messages from the inbox, organizing and prioritizing them for appropriate follow up/follow through. I like this idea in theory, although it has been a little challenging in reality.

Boomerang , however, has been a big help. This revolutionary inbox enhancement removes a message and delivers it back when I’m ready to deal with it, thereby reducing the volume in my inbox. It saves me the time of reading and rereading messages while trying to decide which one to handle next. Here are a few examples:

  • My credit card e-bill arrived with a due date of September 28. I set the message to boomerang back to me on September 20 so I can pay it at that time.
  • My golf group is having a social event in October and the RSVP deadline is the 14th. I boomeranged the message to come back to me on October 10, when I’ll have a better idea if I’m free to attend.
  • Facebook sends a weekly email alerting me of my friends’ birthdays. I boomerang the message to come back to me the morning of the first birthday so I can post good wishes. Then I boomerang the message again to return on the next birthday date.

I know people who leave all of their emails in their inbox (you know who you are). If you ever get tired of them staring at you for days, weeks, months—dare I say years—at a time, Boomerang might be worth a try. It’s free, easy and effective. Plus it has a cute little boomerang icon.


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