words, words, words (4)

Today’s words are brought to you by the August 21, 2014 edition of the Wisconsin State Journal.

“Beheading.” This horrific word was in a headline on the front page. I dream of a world where “beheading” becomes extinct, along with “serial killer”, “capital punishment,” and “unarmed black teenager shot.”

“Hurtable.” I’ve never seen this word before, and thought that the advice columnist made it up. To my surprise,  it appears in many online dictionaries, including Merriam-Webster. Its definition is intuitive: the ability to be hurt.

“Prep” is an abbreviation of “preparation.” This time of year, the sports page is littered with references to prep sports, a synonym for high school sports. This made me wonder about the origin of the phrase prep sports, but my research has been inconclusive. Preparatory (or prep) schools are designed to get students ready for future college or university level studies. Are prep sports designed to train athletes to play at a competitive level post high school? Or are they merely sports those that originated at prep schools, even thought sports are now widespread across private and public schools alike? Regardless of the origin, I’m ready for prep sports to begin with the first football game of the season tonight. Go Spartans!


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