be well

Walgreens_CornerOf_Lockup_VertStacked_Multi_4c__713I would hesitate to add up how many times someone from our family goes to a Walgreens every week. With five stores within a three-mile radius of my house, it’s pretty darn convenient.

Today I noticed something new. When checking out at the pharmacy and at the main register, each clerk wished me to “be well.” This took the place of a more traditional “thank you” or “have a nice day.”

I like “be well.” It’s pretty easy for me to be cynical about lame advertising, hokey branding efforts, and clichéd copy, but “be well” made it past all of my marketing bullsh*t filters. It’s brief, elegantly simple, and conveys a nice sentiment, while reinforcing their slogan, “at the corner of happy & healthy.” Well done, Walgreens. You gave me a mild case of the warm-fuzzies.

P.S. When writing this post, I wondered if a phrase like “be well” that is said at the end of an interaction is categorized as a salutation. Here’s what Googling revealed. While technically a salutation can be a greeting at either arrival or departure, it is much more commonly defined as a greeting at arrival (or at the beginning of a letter). A better word for a farewell is valediction. So noted.


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