rihard_Clock_Calendar_1Yesterday I had medical procedure* that took the better part of six hours. And by “better part,” I mean something close to 5 hours, 59 minutes. Of that time, roughly 90 minutes was spent actually being seen and treated, while the rest was waiting.

Waiting rooms provide some pretty awesome people watching. There are all kinds of folks doing all kind of things, but yesterday I was intrigued by the myriad ways of waiting.

  • Some people just simply sit there and don’t appear to do anything. They may occasionally say a few words to a companion, but mostly they just sit. Maybe they are really meditating or mentally solving all of the world’s problems, but somehow I doubt it.
  • Some people have a book or smart phone, and silently read or play games.
  • Some people strike up conversations with others in the waiting room. One man got into a very loud and animated discussion with someone he had apparently just met.
  • Some people come alone, and some come with a companion. Some bring the whole famdamily.
  • Some don’t wait very well. One couple became very agitated about how long things were taking, and after complaining about their wait of “prit’ near 45 minutes,” left in a huff, saying they didn’t have to “put up with this sh*t.”

Me? I came alone, prepared for anything. Six hours? Hah—I could have made it 60 hours. I had water and an energy bar for nourishment, my Kindle for reading pleasure, my iPhone to check emails and text my dear hubby, my iPad if work happened to call and my knitting for comfort. Waiting? I’m ready.

*In case you’re curious, I had Mohs surgery  to remove a small basal cell carcinoma on my cheek. This procedure is designed to minimize tissue damage and has a very high success rate. Thanks to Dr. Xu and her colleagues—they are medical rock stars. 


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