words, words, words (2)

Today’s words are “like,” “paprika,” and “obliterate.” Discuss.

“Like.” Last night our family of four had a nice (?) chat about the proper use and/or overuse of this word. I’m not naming any names, but there is a clear generational split. One generation prefers to use “like” sparingly to either indicate fondness for something or as a simile when making a comparison. The other generation uses it to mean “approximately” or “um” or to fill a little time while they are thinking of the next word to say, or as an extraneous word that adds no meaning at all to a sentence. Guess which camp I fall into?

“Paprika.” For some reason, I find “paprika” really fun to say. Especially if you roll the “r.”

“Obliterate.” I spent an entire morning recently with my Geekette Squad hat on. Best Buy has their Geek Squad, so when I get immersed in tech functions around the house, I transform into my alter ego, the Geekette Squad. My self-delegated assignments included app updates, an iPhone iOS update, migrating documents to Google Drive, investigating and testing online photo storage options, syncing my eWallet, and, finally, clearing my browser history. When performing this last act, I noticed that I could choose to “Obliterate the following items from [pull down menu to choose a period of time].” Obliterate” really generates a different picture in your mind from “erase” or “move to trash.” There’s such finality there, which is probably the point. Don’t even think about calling tech support to undo this one.


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