words, words, words (1)

Today’s words are “should,” “moist,” and “wickedly.” Discuss.

“Should.”  This word has way too much power for being looking and sounding so innocuous. The minute I hear “you should” or think “I should,” I am compelled to do almost the exact opposite. “Should” exercise? No, thanks, I’ll watch TV instead. “Should” make a healthy meal? No, pizza sounds good. I need to reprogram my brain so that when I hear or think “should,” I translate that into “I want to” or “that sounds like a super idea.” So how long will it take to undo 50+ years of conditioning?

“Moist.” Can we talk here? Sometimes I can tolerate a reference to a moist sponge or moist paper towel. But “moist” should never, ever, be used in regards to food. Come on, people, can’t we think of a better way to convey the essence of moistness without actually saying the word? “Chewy” doesn’t quite cut it and “damp” doesn’t work at all. What’s that old saying about porn—you know it when you see it? Well, you certainly know when a cupcake or other baked good is moist. There just has to be a better way to say it.

“Wickedly.” Honestly, I never really gave this word much thought until the last Oscar telecast. Now, my daughter and I love to say it with the unique John Travolta pronunciation. And don’t even get us started on Adela Dazeem.


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