10177959_10203644248970693_4823127405173248217_nNo one would ever accuse me of being a thrill-seeker, especially now that the days of rock concerts and roller coasters are largely in the rearview mirror. But after taking a Pink Jeep tour in Sedona, AZ yesterday, I might have to rethink my relationship with thrills. This tour was pure heart-pounding, exhilarating fun. I can’t remember laughing so hard and so long from the adrenaline spikes and the anticipation of what was coming around the next bend.

There will not be any sky diving or bungee jumping in my future (she said with confidence), nor will I ride the white line the next time I’m in Sedona. But this experience opened my eyes to the potential benefits of stepping outside of my comfort zone, within reason, once in a while. Maybe there are a few more thrills ahead.


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